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An Update

I have mostly been posting updates and random things to my Tumblr blog. This includes more updates on being sick, random meta about my most recent fan fics, my close encounter with a job scammer and some griping about Tumblr and how my Tumblr is not attached to my othercat twitter account anymore and I can't figure out how to fix this. (Because the updates to twitter were going to my livejournal account.)

The most recent fan fic (Homestuck fandom) is (they flow from form to form) which was inspired by a very nsfw picture of Karkat. The nature of the nsfw immediately made me think, "what if the beta and alpha kids were elder gods?" Because I cannot actually write Mythos, and have no interest in the style, tone or underpinnings of the Cthulhu Mythos the tone (but not the worldbuilding necessarily) I am going for is Nina Kiriki Hoffman's The Thread that Binds the Bones. So, small town more or less run by Magic People in a slightly tyrannical but much less tyrannical than a couple generations previous fashion. That Karkat and his dad move to. A very peculiar town. (I may also be borrowing a bit from the Angel the Series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer aesthetic where demons would be doing something completely bizarre and horrible, while having very otherwise domestic/"American Standard Secular" discussions/occupations.)

Karkat interrupts what he thinks is some kind of hazing ritual/bullying incident out in the woods during a camping trip, and gets into more trouble than anticipated. Oh boy.

Another Homestuck fan fic I'm working on is Safety Dance, which is in fact a fan fic of Mortior's fic Endangered. I have never fan ficced fan fic before and I am filled with glee because Mortior likes it. I am also filled with performance anxiety, because Mortior likes it. (I am slightly stuck, though I have a good idea where I want to go, it's just I'm procrastinating a lot, and I got my brain eaten by "eldergodstuck.") Safety Dance is set after Endangered and features Dave getting a crush on Dirk. (In Endangered, Dirk and Dave (the Dave that appears in Endangered's epilogue) are not related. I felt I should probably mention that.) AR is not happy about this!

I also am working on a Chrono Crusade fic! It can be found here. It's also being posted, much more slowly, to AO3. It is post-apocalyptic and featured Aion trying to find Chrono and dealing with the primary focus of existence not existing anymore.

On Tumblr, I have gotten quite a few new followers! Most of them seem to be following because of one or more of the current stories I'm working on.

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I went to bed but I’m awake again due to Sick.

I have the beginnings of a sore throat. By which I mean that slightly painful stiffness when swallowing that means you are about to get a sore throat. Since it was my Job Counselor who was most recently ill, I am tempted to send him a text about this: “You said you weren’t contagious...:(”

(Though I could have as easily caught something from anyone at the clinic, the apartment clubhouse, or the library I was sitting closely enough to, and the most recent person I interacted with was my therapist. Also, it could be dust/pollen/allergies.)

I am also having slight sinus/sneezing troubles. We’ll see what happens if it/as it develops.

In better news, I got some writing done with two for mirth. I have still not gotten very much farther with Safety Dance, but I am still thinking about it in between having my brain eaten by (they flow from form to form).

This weekend I might try to write some original nonfiction for posting on the monetized blogs. (Which is a thing I’ve been putting off/procrastinating about for months now. I am still very not happy about my previous freelance writing attempt/s. I think I need to convince myself that it isn’t an attempt while it also simultaneously is an attempt. That is to say I have been pressuring myself and I need to stop doing that maybe.)

The job hunt continues, and I deeply resent the form I now have to use. (How am I supposed to call a business three days after applying when they don’t have contact information or they say “don’t call.”? I can’t complete the form and I don’t want to be “graded” on failure to complete the form correctly.)

Also at the library I got some books: The most recent Raksura novel by Martha Wells and I rechecked out Bujold’s Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen. I also got volume 14 of Noragami.

The clearest dream that I remember was very complicated and involved working in a department store. Though it might have also have been a shelter of some kind, which made it worse. I don’t know. Also, horses were involved somehow, like the ending of Homestuck.

Since I am up, I might do some more writing, read the blog roll, read a book, or listen to Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap.

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I have decided to add a bunch of people on dreamwidth, using older fandom interests. As a result I've added a lot of familiar names (people I either followed on livejournal or who I recognize from their fandom posts/fic). I will probably add more people tomorrow. :D

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[personal profile] thedigitalkuri, As far as I know, you don’t like my world building/writing, and are currently doing the professional design thing, and I embarrassed myself horribly on your tumblr. (If you are the person I think you are.) WHY are following me on dreamwidth? I mean if you want to follow me that’s chill, but we have absolutely no points of contact/interest as far as I can tell due to fandom drift.

So you’d mostly be reading about my mental health issues, my job hunt, and my frustrations with not having the qualifications to get a job in what I’m interested in, a possibly worthless degree in Web Graphic Design, and if you go further, me being exasperated about previous jobs, and other fandoms you probably have no interest in. Oh, and other social contact disasters. And my attempts at content writing and affiliate marketing and trying for a job in Social Media and/or Web Design. (Which may be entertaining or depressing, depending.)

(Possibly I should have written a private message, but I think a private message would seem more hostile/suspicious than I actually am.)

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Fic: two for mirth 11-16/?

Dave falls asleep eventually, winding down from anxiety and tension to a loose limbed sleepiness. He starts awake a few times and tries to flop his way back to his respite block, but Karkat holds him still. Tells him–multiple times–that he’s going to be sleeping on the couch tonight, that Karkat is going to keep an eye on him. Dave argues, or tries to, and falls asleep midsentence.

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I am behind on my two for mirth updates because I was concentrating on real life updates. Expect a lot of updates in the next little while. (I will probably consolidate.)

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Adventures With Address Changing

So, I called my healthcare provider with the intent to change my address because I was told I needed to change the address on their end as well as the AHCCCS. I thought I had already changed the address with AHCCCS when I changed the address with DES.

When I called the healthcare provider, they told me that they could NOT in fact change it on their end and I needed to call AHCCCS to get it changed. They transferred me over the AHCCCS, where I was told that my address had been changed on the nutritional assistance application, but not on the medical assistance application which meant that I needed to contact DES.

So they transferred me to DES where I gave them my address and other pertinent details and they were able to confirm that my address HAD NOT been changed on the medical assistance application. (I sincerely thought it had been changed and confirmed. I had been TOLD that it had been changed on both applications.)The DES customer assistance person told me that she had changed it and I would need to wait ten business days before it switched over.

Thing I was going to do: change my healthcare provider (finally) to somewhere closer and change the address. Which I had put off for a year and a few months because I couldn't find the motivation to go ahead and do it. (Motivation was found due to representatives from my mental health care clinic nagging me about it.)

Also, their stupid customer care survey goes one to nine with the nine being least helpful and one being most helpful, which is COMPLETELY BACKWARD.

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Update on the Interview

The place was easy to find, and I arrived at a reasonable time. There was a Circle K where I was able to adjust my lipstick and fix my hair. Went into the job site and filled out the application, then spoke to the interviewer.

The interviewer asked about the freelance writing thing! He asked if I had any experience with Hospitality! (Answer: no.) He asked me for a definition of hospitality/customer service, which I provided him. He asked about my other jobs, which I told him about. He asked if I had any days of the week I wouldn't be able to come to work. He asked my about my computer experience. He talked about how busy the place could be.

He talked a great deal about how totally fulfilling his career in hospitality was. I was told that if I truly wanted to get into hospitality I should apply at other places as well as the place I was currently being interviewed at.


This did not sound good to me. It sounded like, "hi, we're not going to hire you, look elsewhere."

I attempted to state that I had experience with customer service based on my experience working at a market research call center, and that I was used to busy environments (and customer service) based on my experience working at a retail outlet. I have no idea how effective this speech was.

The interviewer talked a little about the background check form I filled out, and I mentioned a few details relevant to the background check. (I have debt/credit problems.) Then the interview was over and I got his business card and I went out to the bus stop.

I also got a money order at Circle K, for paying rent. (I may need to ask for donations again and/or send a message to a friend of mine who's been helping me. He may however be out of communication due to Navy.) I am never getting another money order at Circle K. They only take cash, and it costs too much.

I am probably going to call at the end of the week to see if I am right, and see if "check out other places = we're not gonna hire you."

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How the Hell Did I Sleep Til 11:30

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I’ve stayed up til one before, and gotten up at six, usually. This time however, I slept until the above mentioned time. So I am a bit behind.

I got contacted for an interview. This time the job is front desk agent at a hotel. They asked if I was available today, which no I wasn’t, due the the “11:30 and hasn’t even eaten yet” factor, so I scheduled for tomorrow.

I need to remember to take my job folder, which has my mock application. (Or just take the mock application.)

I still haven’t eaten yet. I am not sure what I want to eat. Either potatoes or my curried rice thing. (dump half teaspoon of curry powder in water before it boils, dump in rice in whatever measurement you’re using, cook, set aside. cook mixed veggies (I am using a mirepoix mix+corn) in microwave, dump veggies in rice and stir.Optional: also cook some chicken and dump that in as well) Result: food

Potatoes are probably going to get fried or microwaved. If fried,probably also curried. If microwaved, probably my Very Lazy Stuffed Bake Potato Thing.

I am craving the peanut and rice noodle cup thing I get at the one grocery store. It’s expensive but really good. I need to get more “quick fix snack” things.

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So Tired...

Posted here because tumblr is not letting me post...

I woke up fairly early this morning, but went back to sleep because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Then I woke up again, and still couldn’t keep my eyes open. And on top of it had chills. So I turned down the ac, got a jacket and went back to sleep AGAIN.

I wanted to do job search today self, what is wrong with you?!

Also, I am hungry, but feel disinclined to cook. Sadly, there is nothing that doesn’t need to be cooked. So I will have to cook.

Two porn blogs tried to follow me. I blocked them both. Thus to all porn blogs, because they are dumb. But not as dumb as the stupid article blogs. Which I also block.

Tumblr won’t always let me post/reblog. This is annoying.

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