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Sigh Update Again

So, I called the Company With Tubes, on Monday, and never got a call back. On Wednesday I sent a longish e-mail, but never got a reply. Not even a "we went with a more qualified candidate." I didn't even get an interview, and now I am quite sad/annoyed about it, especially since I did a LOT of research. More research than I generally do. I did research ENTHUSIASTICALLY.

So now I am disappointed.

In other news, I am anticipating Money Troubles again. Anyone interested in donating would be helpful.

In writing news, I am being rather productive on the fanfic front. I have been able to write to prompts! Ficlets of significant length! That got lots of likes! I would like to be productive in other writing genres, but I can't seem to get past the blank page and the cursor.

I think I want to do blog essays about my experiences being homeless, and also about my experiences with mental illness? And general writing about dysfunctional families and disability.

(I wonder if I could set up a Patreon. I have seen a number of fan fic writers do this, but I'm really not that productive, and they were also doing original fiction. I would LIKE to do original fiction, but I tend to be the type of original fiction writer who spends a lot of time on world building and very little time on the actual story/plot. Which is actually quite frustrating!)

I also still want to do book reviews and writing about fandom/tropes/media, but that was where my attempt at pro-writing/affiliate marketing really killed me. I wasn't able to build an audience or get enough clicks. Because my interests are very niche. (I envy the mommy/crafter bloggers I was acquainted with, who were extremely productive and got lots and lots of clicks/traffic.)

Also my productivity and my motivation to write sank through the floor due to what I have discovered was most likely "executive dysfunction." Which fed into my anxiety and frustration because I was also trying to find work related to my goddamn associates degree, and then eventually just ANY job. My failure there also fed into my general anxiety and my living situation at the time was not actually conducive to getting help, though I was persistent and was eventually successful.

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Most clearly remembered dreams

–Horror YA novel dream in which the main character was the daughter of a queen from another dimension who had abandoned her throne to marry someone from earth. Unfortunately things were going very badly, because of the machinations of the queen’s sister who in classic sibling rivalry romance had also wanted the guy the queen married. It was “horror” because one of the things the sister did was drive the queen’s husband insane, stalked the daughter, killed the infant son of the queen (and brought him back via necromancy) and the only one who knew what was going on was the queen’s daughter who dies in the snow pursued by wolves.

–Remix of the YA horror novel dream, combined with a prequel. There were some pretty unpleasant scenes that involved violence/abuse toward the main character of the dream. There was also some confrontation with the sister, which didn’t go very well.

–Various conversations involving pet adoption and care with various characters coded as my relatives while looking nothing like my relatives. There were also conversations about pet care and cleaning up dirty food bowls. We went to a pet store/adoption center and looked at the animals. We wanted to get a cat or too, but I was also looking at the birds. We selected a kitten, and we had to give it a bath, which the cat of course did not like.

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Fic: two for mirth 10/?

Dave takes small sips from the cup and eats the cookies. He seems calmer now, though there’s still a certain tension in his shoulders, and he seems very intent on pretending he isn’t keeping an eye on Karkat’s every move. Karkat keeps his distance, but doesn’t leave the room. It wasn’t a good idea to leave someone alone after having been cursed with a chucklevoodoo. It was even less of a good idea to leave someone alone who had been dosed with mindhoney.

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The Chapter Three Compilation can be found on AO3 here.

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Research Update Again

For the Company With Tubes in. I finished my research on both the parent and secondary company, and did some searching on company culture and for employee reviews. Reviews were more negative on Glassdoor than on Indeed, and the general complaint involved contract and temp workers not being able to shift to full employee. There were also mentions of “nepotism” and “politics.” A majority of the reviews seem to be positive on Indeed, and the positive comments were echoed on Glassdoor.

I need to figure out how I’m going to organize discussing/talking about my research, which essentially means writing a speech/report. Which I am not going to do for my call on Monday. I will save the more organized writing for the actual interview, if I can get one. The most I’m going to do right now is come up with a list of talking points.

I really hope this research is worth the effort. :\

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Research Update

Okay I’ve got four pages of research notes, and a couple hours of corporate video watching in, and I now have a better idea of the products and services provided by The Company with Tubes In. (There was also intermittent reblogging and reading of the tumblr blog roll because I have no attention span.) Most the information was taken from the corporate website and also the Wikipedia entry. (The Wikipedia entry was helpful in that it consolidated what I was looking for as far as background, so I didn’t have to wade through the corporate site. Also, of course, the reference material.

Some of the basic information about the parent company:

The Company With Tubes in was founded in 1947

The Company With Tubes In manufactures tubing, hoses, gauges, tube fittings these are components for gas and fluid systems. These products are used for a number of industries including chemical, petrochemical, power generation, biopharmaceuticals, oil and gas production and semiconductor manufacturing. They also have products meant to capture and report information about temperature, critical flow, and pressure of process samples for process analyzers. (These are referred to by the company as “smart products.”) There’s also software meant to be used in conjunction with the smart products.

The Company With Tubes In products have been used in the Apollo program for the lunar space vehicles, on the Viking I Mars Exploration Vehicle and the Volkswagon Caddy. It’s also a co-sponsor of the Eco-Fuel World Tour.

Some of the services provided by The Company With Tubes In (via their sales and service centers)

Reducing procurement costs of inventory levels

Building assemblies, enclosures or panels

Reducing energy costs, fugitive emissions or leaks

Providing training and education for custome’s workforce or vendors

Solving coordination or logistical challenges across the globe

Delivering expertise in product or system design, materials science or corrosion issues

I applied for a job as Inside Sales with one of their sales and service sub-companies. (As mentioned previously, the contact also mentioned a job in “Operations,” that might be open at some point.)

Next is taking notes of the sales and service sub-company site, but not right now. (I read through the site a couple days ago, but didn’t take notes.)

I kind of want to get this onto index cards, but I don’t have index cards.

In other news, my knee hates me. (My knee does not like being bent at a certain angle for any length of time. I have been sitting in the clubhouse for a few hourse now.) Also, I think I might want to get some writing done. (Which I also said yesterday, but no writing got done.)

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In Other News...

I am doing the requested research of The Company With Tubes In, and am looking through the parent company web site. (Mostly at their videos about their services atm.) I am not quite sure what notes I should take and in what areas. (An overview, yes, but not quite sure where to start.)

I have more or less confirmed that The Company With Tubes In is not a plumbing supply company (or at least not entirely that), which had been my initial thought, since some of the equipment in the little logo/ad in the e-mail I was initially sent were valves/tubing. (No I did not apply send in the resume without checking what the company was, and yes, the company stated what they were a company of when I sent in the resume. However, what I did was skim over the details.)

As stated before the job is “inside sales” (possibly operations?) So I need to come up with some coherent report type things for what I found out.

So lets say we divide the notes into:

Company History/Background


tubes, valves, other components




(custom) assembly,



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Another Interview...I think?


It's an inside sales position. (I have no sales experience.) Contact thinks my skill set is unusual (and interesting?) and wants me to research the company and parent company. I had to explain my failed freelance writing thing. (Which I have mostly downgraded to "hobby" by now. I'd honestly rather write fanfic and/or original fic than try to write for content providers/engage in affiliate marketing.) He mentioned a possible operations position, and/or inside sales.

I'm tempted to remove the freelance writing from the damn resume except it's the only thing that references my experience with Social Media (even though I apparently suck at it). And I'd LIKE a job related to Social Media, even if I don't have the Marketing degree it apparently requires. Or Web Design, even though the Web Graphic Design Program didn't have Javascript or php. which are apparently Very Important. And it also kind of gives me a work history that spans the really horrible time since I got laid off back in 2009?

The company makes tubes and valves and doohickies. And provides services and tools related to them. I have not found out what it supposed to go into the tubes, as this seems to be something a little more involved that plumbing. Which was my initial thought when I saw samples of their products. maybe they are the tubes that the interweb goes in

So Monday, I have to call the contact back, and see if I can arrange an interview with him. Also, again, I have to do Extensive Research. And possibly take Actual Notes.

In other news, I haven't updated my Facebook Page in like two years almost? Since I ended up being homeless. But I've been getting a lot of views. Why, I don't know.

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*muppet flailing*

So I did one of those three sentence flash fic things, where you ask for a prompt and you write three sentences of fic. (I can usually manage more than three sentences depending on the prompt.) And curlicuetruth gave me the prompt of: eridan & dirk oops I caught an angry mermaid.

And then curliecuecal (who is also curliecuetruth) reblogged it, and then asukaskerian reblogged it, and then suddenly I have lots and lots of reblogs and I'm I seriously flailing because it's such a tiny fic, and so many people like it.

I am so happy and slightly bewildered (which is the usual state of things when I get a lot of likes/reblogs/comments for something I've written).

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Fic: two for mirth 9/?

Karkat thinks about “I will let you manumit him in a sweep,” after he signs off with Gamzee. Karkat thinks about Gamzee playing matchmaker, taking a plot from one of his novels as advice. (This is not a romance novel Gamzee. This is real life, which doesn’t play by a writer’s rules.) He thinks about liking Dave though of course not in any sensible quadrant. (Not that it would matter if his feelings for Dave did fit neatly into a quadrant.) Gamzee’s whimsy had created this situation, but at least he was being given an “out,” even if it was a sweep in the future. He could help Dave find a place, some career or position a freed human might be able to obtain in the Empire, engage in a little benign nepotism if necessary, in a sweep.

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At the Library

(Posted yesterday on tumblr.)

Because the internet at the apartment complex clubhouse keeps breaking down. I am not amused.
Not much got done this week! I didn’t do any writing or job hunting. (I got one paragraph written, but I don’t like it.) Instead, I read Tony/Loki fan fics that I have mixed feelings about. If the apartment complex clubhouse internet was working, I think more would have gotten done.

Tony/Loki read so far:
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