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Fic: Safety Dance 10/?

:==>Dirk: talk about the aftermath (have a Movie Night at your place)

The playroom is always in a different part of the Tower. It varies in size, furniture and decor. Somewhere there is a team of androids whose job it is to set up and tear down the room. You’re pretty sure you haven’t met them. (You hope you haven’t met them.) You are deeply, deeply embarrassed by this, because it seems like a huge extravagance; a temporary room just for having sex. On the other hand, you like the random playrooms because they’re for experiments, pushing boundaries, exploring fantasies in an environment that was more or less “neutral.” Not your room (your territory), not the operation center (AR’s territory), and not the shared space of AR’s respite station.   

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Job! Again.

Stock job, seasonal. Minimum wage. (Will only be about two months.) I'm currently in the process of setting up back ground check permissions and getting a drug screen set up. I am pretty excited about the job, because it's at least familiar to me. I need to get appropriate work clothes (for stocking) and new shoes (that are not sneakers and are somewhat sturdy also because stocking).

I had to do the previous residence thing, and I did not have the addresses for two locations. One for security reasons, and the other because I didn't bring the address info with me when I went down to the clubhouse. There was note information for that though, so I put that in.

The only problem I see so far is getting a day off on the day I have my housing inspection. Because I need to be home for the housing inspection.

I got the paycheck from the previous job, and I'll be depositing it sometime tomorrow after my therapy appointment.

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fic: two for mirth 23/?

After two more stops their liner rendezvous with the Flagship, and he and Dave are transferred over to the Flagship via shuttle. Feferi meets them as they debark from the shuttle. She’s taller and curvier , her highblood growth spurt just starting to kick in. She’s dressed in casual (for a seadweller), comfortable looking clothes and immediately pulls him into a hug while reporters’ posterity devices go off. Karkat hugs her back, patting the heavy silk waves of her hair. “Hey Fef,” he says, low enough that the reporters aren’t likely to hear, and be scandalized. Feferi’s guards are well past being scandalized.

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Timestamps/POV Switch Prompts

For my fic, which can be found here

How to play:

Timestamp prompt: basically any point in time/scene not covered in the fic/what other characters were doing while the main action was going on. Please remember to include the name of the fic or I’m going to be hella confused!

POV Switch prompt: A specific scene in the story, from a different character’s point of view. Basically during this scene, what was this other character thinking? Again, include the name of the fic. Sometimes I can guess what you meant, but I do not want to have to try and do that.

length will depend largely on how inspired I am by the prompt. If I can’t write prose, you may get meta, but I will write SOMETHING.

special rule for Safety Dance prompts: Do not ask me to do a time stamp or pov switch for events that would have taken place during endangered! I will not do them because “bugging senpai about their plot” will result and that would be Bad. ***Cross-posted from Dreamwidth***

A Rumor and a Nightmare

Hear: Rumor that the new owners of the apartment complex aren't going to accept vouchers anymore, which will mean trying to find a new apartment within "fair market prices" and then somehow move everything without relying on mostly unwilling family this time. Because this time around I am cutting off contact completely.


Elaborate anxiety dream about

a) having a job (I think it was supposed to be retail.)

b)having an apartment that had apparently been "held" for me several months prior to getting the job, but which was too far away.

c) frantically trying to contact either my housing specialist OR my case manager except I couldn't find their numbers on the cell phone I was using. The reason being that I wanted to find out what fines I needed to pay for cancelling/reneging on the lease.

d) worrying about getting an apartment closer to work

e) lamenting that the other apartment was too far away to get to work on time.

Also, for some reason I was living with "my parents" and all of my belongings were being stored at the too far away apartment until I could move there (which for some reason I couldn't yet). I wanted to especially get a new apartment because my "sister" was having a lot of trouble with "our parents."

I should mention that the quotation marks are because the parents in the dream looked nothing like my actual parents, nor did the sister look like either of my actual sisters.

So I was mostly worrying about my "sister" and struggling with the cell phone which had become needlessly complicated. (It grew layers and I couldn't find the section that had the actual number pad. It did apparently have a little map/atlas thing, and a little daily planner/address book--an actual paper daily planner/address book--built in, as well as a number of other functions. I just couldn't find the contact list or the keypad.

The dream was also one of the ones where it is semi-lucid and you are telling yourself, that you've dreamed parts of this dream before. Then you wake up trying to figure out if it was actually a lucid dream and if you had those other dreams or not. (Or at least I do that.)

"Apartments" are a Theme in a lot of my dreams. Looking for them, finding them, leasing them, wondering at their general layout and construction. My subconscious just really. loves. apartments/apartment complexes. So chances are good that I had dreamed part of that dream before, because my subconscious also enjoys reusing sets.

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fic: two for mirth 22/?

The trip is the usual “what is this mutant doing in first class” hell. There’s security and handlers and Bonebird’s people handling the details. There are some familiar faces and some new ones.  The new curiosity is Dave, looking sharp in red and black, rubies glittering in his ears, shades dark and unreadable over his eyes. Karkat feels a little rougher next to Dave, but not nearly enough to dress up if he doesn’t have to yet.

Dave has an objection, because of course he does. “So do all Troll romance authors try to cultivate a world weary veteran look?” He asks while they’re setting in their suite on the liner. It’s small, only one bedroom, because Bonebird was apparently under the impression that they’d only need one bedroom when she’d had the tour arranged. The only thing they’d been able to find for Dave to sleep on was a large lusus sleeping pad.

Karkat glares at Dave. “I’m not cultivating a world weary veteran look.”

Dave looks him up and down. “And yet.”

I am actually a world weary veteran, Karkat thinks, but doesn’t say. “And what in your sartorial experience do you recommend?”


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So Very Tired

I've been sleeping a lot for the past few days and I'm not sure if it's because of my borked sleep schedule (due to trying to get up super early to do morning things and catch the first bus to get to work), depression or both. Since I was averaging maybe three to four hours of sleep a night (I could not get to bed early because eating and then going directly to bed results in incredible amounts of indigestion and no sleep at all.) I am going to guess the former. (Though I am pretty depressed about the job situation.)

I have a housing meeting scheduled with my housing specialist. As usual, I did not learn about it until it was almost too late, because my housing specialist refuses to call me, and instead sends the notices in the mail. (Fortunately, my caseworker at the clinic let me know it was coming up.)It was quite a scramble to get a hold of the housing specialist, and I was able to reschedule the meeting for the 21st at two p.m. I was also able to send my statement information to them via e-mail, though they haven't replied to confirm they got it. (I'll be calling them on Monday.)

Concerning the housing meeting: I'm worried about the rent going up because the housing people only pay "fair market price" and if the rent goes above that price, I have to find a new place. I am especially worried this might happen because the apartment complex had recently changed hands. (Free wifi man. Granted it's limited tot he club house and only available during certain times of the day and week, but still.)

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Third Week: Epic Fail

I did not do well my first week in "nesting." That is, the training week before you go completely live, where you're supposed to learn how to be on the phone. One of my calls was...epically bad. I misunderstood what the customer wanted from the call, I made a few really horrible comments (I made judgment statements about using a cellphone, even if bluetooth while driving, among other things. Just
really bad stuff I should have known better about.) I was also unable to communicate how badly I had screwed up to the supervisor, so they were refusing to take the call because I couldn't adequately explain the situation to their satisfaction. I was also having trouble explaining things in general: the head supervisor would occasionally cut me off with a comment that he hadn't understood a thing I had said. (This is entirely possible, as I do not explain myself very well when actually talking.)

The situation was bad enough that I was taken aside to listen to the call, and given a detailed lesson in where I had gone wrong with the call. I was told by the supervisors that this wasn't to make me feel bad, and that they thought I could do better, and I asked for feedback on how to better communicate with supervisors about the problem I was having with the call, and how to handle calls in the future. Then I went back on the phones and then I went home.

Other problems I was having was navigating between the programs and making choices on how to best assist the customer. I think I would have liked a little more time learning how to switch between screens and when to best use which program. I feel that this would have been more useful than the "roleplays" that we did, though roleplay was also pretty useful in its own way.

Yesterday I went back on the phones, and someone else was also put on the line to listen while I worked. I was told that this was because the person had nowhere else to be because their computer was down, so she might as well listen. (This was I suspect now a fairly transparent lie.) They listened, and coached me through several of my next calls. I was told by this person and a few of the supervisors that I was doing much better. I solicited advice/feedback and asked questions, because I was honestly determined to improve.

I really honestly thought I was doing better. I had something similar happen to me when I first started my market research job: an epic fail where a supervisor took me aside and told me that I might not be suited for the job. I had spoken to that supervisor, asking her to give me a second chance, that I had been rattled, but could do better. She gave me that chance, and I ended up being a pretty good data collection rep, though there were occasionally problems with tone

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, I was told by the person running the csr contract that they were "severing the contract" between me and the business, which I suppose means "fired." I was told there was no position available with their company, which was a slightly confusing statement as well, they had just fired me., so of course there weren't positions available for me. I should be getting my first and last paycheck in about a week.

I think I might call the supervisor with some prepared questions, asking about what set of decisions and assessments had led to my being fired.

I am really upset about this, and I'm going in to see my therapist today (I was able to get next day appointment) I also talked to my career counselor and left a message for my case manager about the situation. (Someone from the clinic called to check up on me.) I also called my housing specialist because I was supposed to bring in paystubs, but there won't be paystubs because I haven't gotten the
check yet, so I need to figure out what to do there.

Depending on how much money I get, I might be able to finally afford to buy bookshelves. (Though I might end up using the money for other necessaries: Kitchen cookware, a new cart because the old one has a broken axle now, personal necessities, etc.)

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Fic: Safety Dance 9/?

==>AR: analyze the experience (confer with your advisers)

The date was more than you were expecting in a number of respects. You gained valuable data. You had a social occasion with Dirk that qualified as a “real date.”

What you did not expect:

  • You did not expect to enjoy yourself as much as you did. Any time spent with Dirk is good, but you also enjoyed your interactions with Jade and Dave.
  • You did not expect the festival goers’ reaction to you at the festival. There was some hostility in the forums, but a remarkable lack of it at the festival.
  • (You also did not expect Jade and Dave’s immediate assistance. It was something Dirk or Roxy would do, but Jade had made the initial suggestion, and all three of them worked as a team.)
  • You had not expected to participate in the festival activities beyond listening to music, yet when Jade had pulled Dave into the dance area, you’d been seized by a desire to join them.
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Second Week: Doom

Okay, so we had a second test for comprehension of the various systems being used. I did not do very well. I also did not do very well during my first time on the phones. Among the stupid:

--I couldn't figure out or remember how to do a transfer.

--I was very determined to try to get a woman an item that was completely out of stock. (In my defense, I had already had severe trouble with figuring out how to find the program that turns upc numbers into skus, and then making everything work the way it was supposed to. I was VERY invested in having SOMETHING go right.)

--Um. I tried to do a return. This is not actually a thing that was possible. What I should have done was told them they could get onto their account at home and print out a packing slip and THEN go back to the store to do a return. (I apologized and told the customer I had made a mistake, and they should do the return at the store after printing out the packing slip/receipt) I was spoken too at length about this.

--Something that I was initially told was a case turned out not to be a case--it involved items that hadn't arrived yet. It turns out the items hadn't arrived because of FedEx understandably not wanting to deliver when there was a Hurricane Warning.

So, in general my first time on the phones did not go well, and I got a well deserved lecture on why I was boneheaded. (Note: I was not called boneheaded. I am in fact boneheaded.) I also got critiqued on my note taking, which was not to the manager's professional standards. After the time on the phones, the class had a discussion about systems that might have been confusing and about everyone's various calls. (I think I got the most inventively terrible calls, though I think a few people got worse ones.)

Next week, we will mostly be one phones, and next Friday will be the last test. I am really worried I not make it all the way through.

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