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fic: (they flow from form to form) 9/?

==>Karkat: speak too soon about other animal visitors

There’s something heavy lying on top of him. A large white something that has crowded him to one side of the bed, it’s huge head resting on his chest. Karkat blinks blearily at the white shape, which turns out to be a very large white Husky-looking dog, snoring little doggy snores.

“Wha’thefuck?” He slurs, and automatically tries to shift the dog off of him. It’s not very effective, though his movements succeed in waking the dog up. She lifts Her head and Her jaws gape in a doggy smile as Her tail happily thumps against his leg. Her eyes are a very bright green. “Space.” It wasn’t just a pet, or whatever the crow was, this was actually an eldritch being–

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I can't believe it's already Thursday. In just a few more days, I'm going to be going to back to work. It's very difficult not to be anxious because a) temporary position and b) there's a training I need to get to c)I've never done this kind of customer service, though I HAVE worked in a call center. (It was for market research.)

I'm excited, but also very tense, and worried. (Mostly because of the money situation, but also because of possibly losing the job before I have a chance at it.)

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Passing the Hat

So, I start the training shift for the job on Monday. I do not know when I get paid, and I've forgotten how long the training period is which may be a problem because the regular shift is from 5am to 2pm, (unless I get the evening shift, which is not likely) which means I will need to pay for a taxi or uber.

I also need benadryl, toiletries and cleaning supplies, and pay rent--I only have 140 dollars (thanks to previous donations) in the bank account, and I would like to not be overdrawn because I don't have enough int he account. The rent I usually pay is 51 dollars because I am in subsidized housing.

Any amount helps, and will hopefully get me gainfully employed (though this is a temp position.)

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I could have sworn I told the Spander Files person to take those fics down. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t, but they are back up, or are still up, and of course, there is not way for a potential commenter to comment to ME the AUTHOR of the fic ABOUT the goddammned fic.

I am not…especially proud of my Buffy stuff. They are…not bad, but not especially good either. (Some people liked them?) I have mixed feelings about them. (Sometimes I think they’re okay, other times I wail with despair at my bad writing. As you do.) I have them up on AO3, and took them off anywhere else I had them (except my dw/lj blogs) because I wanted to “consolidate” to AO3.

The really irritating part is this person put them up without (as far as I remember) asking my permission in the first place. (Again, they might have asked and I forgot that I said yes. I have a swiss cheese memory at the best of times.)

I can’t contact them because their “contact” page link is dead, and I can’t find what I think might be their LJ to send them an private message of “Hi, if you’re gonna have my fic up on your site no matter what, how about you make it possible for readers to comment to me!”

Also: I can’t stand the website’s design. It is ugly and made of sadness and pain. I also despise the “Spander” ship name. S/X. Sex. It’s right there in the be-damned slash initials, people!

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Job! and other updates

I just got back from the job site, where I filled out paperwork. The training classes start on the 26th, and are from 8am to 5pm. The site is in downtown Phoenix, and I am pretty far from there, but I think I can get there by bus. I'm told the regular shift will probably be 5am to whenever, which means I am going to need to save up/and maybe do a hat pass because I will need to take a taxi or more likely, Uber to work in the morning.

I took my backpack, because I was carrying my walking shoes. :D

I need to set up a travel schedule, arrange to get a drug test taken (I'm doing that Monday) and a few other things. (Eventually tell the housing case manager, that kind of thing.)

The dress code is "professional" which means blouse/slacks/skirt/closed toe shoes. >_<

In a couple hours I have to go to the (mental health) clinic and talk to a doctor about meds. I've contacted my therapist about the job, though I might have to change/cancel the next appointment until I have a regular job schedule.

I am debating whether or not to pick up my "usual" at the chinese restaurant down the street.

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Okay, So

The job interview I mentioned a while back? That I thought went especially badly? I got a call from them, and apparently I start working on the 26th of this month. Tomorrow (by which I mean today, since it's after midnight) I'm going to be going to fill out the paperwork.

It's a temp-to-hire position, and I still have to go through training, and if they don't want to keep me, I'll be out of a job again in January, but still, I HAVE A JOB. HOLY SMOKES.

In less positive news, I am having a major "can't sleep" disturbance and I am Displeased.

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fic: ghost (Sendak's Apocalypse AU 11)

  • The Black Paladin returns, and asks questions about his crew. Sendak repeats his refusal to give a specific location for the work camp.
  • He does describe various types of work camps, from agricultural, to mining, to industrial, and the clan-corporations that ran them for the military. He talks about internal promotion, indenture contracts, and oversight committees.
  • The new formula does not make him nearly as sick, but is still revolting. The food still makes him queasy, but he suspects the symptom is psychosomatic.  
  • They talk. It’s a tentative thing. He learns in bits and pieces, that while he had been ill, Shiro had made brief exploratory excursions in his Lion. That was how he’d been reunited with the Green Paladin.
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fic: (they flow from form to form) 8/?

==>Karkat: receive further exposition, and avoid setting the house on fire

Karkat follows Dad and Ms. Pyrope into the living room. Dad settles onto the dilapidated sofa he’d bought second hand when they’d first moved here, and Karkat sits beside him. Karen and Feferi are in the mismatched armchairs that had been brought from Chicago. Ms. Serket is standing by the front door, and Ms. Pyrope goes to stand in front of the entertainment center. Her hands are held at chest level in an odd, prayer like pose. Hands clasped, two fingers folded down, and two held together, pointing up. “I ask the High Priestess’ permission to relay the findings of my investigation to unaffiliated citizens of this town.”

“Permission granted, Adept,” Feferi says.

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Some Thoughts on Captive Prince

I don’t dislike the Captive Prince books, but they do remind me of the original character/muse slash stories that were on LJ during the early 2000s. This is because CP started OUT as an LJ original character slash fic. (I was able to skim most of the first book because I had essentially already read it, and remembered it very well. As a result, it’s really, really hard to take any of the attempted world building seriously, because most of the worldbuilding is based off of fantasy/fanfic slave fic tropes with a heavy dose of the tropes and assumptions of how male/male relationships “work.”

That is, an assumed “top” who has certain personality traits and never ever bottoms, and an assumed “bottom” with certain personality traits who never ever tops. (A combination of kink, and gender issues.) The was some inter-writer criticism about this trope, and the belief was that this was a yaoi seme-uke influence, though not much of an attempt to alter the general theme/trope.

Pacat subverts the tropes somewhat, but this is very much “maximized for porn” fantasy worldbuilding and she doesn’t avoid another problem that was common with original slash fiction on LJ: very few female characters, who when they do appear, were generally very flat with phoned in personalities sharing a number of “female character in a slash fic” personality traits.(Internalized misogyny: go. I can remember some oc slash writers who were very proud of not being able to get into the mind of a female character.)

(Also, every time Damen blathers about how sweet and submissive his personal slaves were I want to kick his balls up into his throat. I do not in any way blame Laurent for beating the ever loving shit out of him.)

I did read the second book, but I’m debating whether or not to get the third book via interlibrary loan.

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So, today was the interview. Things kind of went bad from the beginning! When I got to the bus stop, I discovered that the paper I had stuffed into my purse was NOT in fact the directions to the job site, but some notes I had written for The Company With Tubes In. I was however able to remember the route and the general location, so I arrived at the jobsite, which was in a shopping center.

Now, I arrived early, because there was a personality test that I had to take before the interview. This personality test was of the "pick words others think about you/pick words that describe yourself," variety. I think I probably did not do a good job! I feel this because I had been originally told to arrive with two forms of ID. Yet during the interview, I was NOT ASKED for the two forms of ID.

I tried to sell my internet experience and my call center experience (it was market research though). I have no idea of the interviewer was buying. I was asked about the work gap, and explained to the best of my abilities.

They had my application, which I sent to the interviewer last Friday. I was asked about a job where I had not supplied a manager name. I said I had forgotten the manager name. Interviewer seemed very insistent about needing a manager name! (No, I can't call to ask them, I tried doing that, but wasn't able to get the information, though I might try again.) I am supposed to hear from them if they decide they want me for the Sept. 12 training class.

Also today, I had the interview for renewing my foodstamps which was complicated by the interviewer not being able to get ahold of my housing case manager. It was very long, and I was very stressed out at the end of it, but I was able to get my foodstamps renewed for another six months.

Thanks to the folks who have donated to the Keep A Roof Over OtherCat's Head/Keep OtherCat From Stinking Fund! (Two donations, the last I checked.)

I am currently in the clubhouse. (woo, wifi) The soda machine is out of soda. I am tired and still cranky.

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