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A Romance

Okay so a major obsession for me is an original fiction universe by [personal profile] klgaffney a writer on LJ and Dreamwidth. (I actually fell out of the fandom as such, but am eagerly waiting for the reboot, which I hope gets published.)I found her fic via a web comic she worked on with one of her friends/writing partners, and I completely adore it still, and I am currently reading bits of one or two of the story arcs. In particular, Corrie and Rauth.

Corrie is a human. Rauth is a sidhe. Corrie knows next to nothing about sidhe due to her family having a combination of religious and personal reasons to avoid the fuck out of sidhe, or "tinks." This has changed somewhat due to the revelation that her cousin Zion is half-faerie. (And was born due to the personal reason for avoiding the fuck out of sidhe.) So Corrie's only actual contact with sidhe/tinks/faerie is a) her cousin-in-law Davy. b)Davy's friend Stone who is a Secret Prince in Hiding.

Rauth turns up in part because it is time for Stone to (eventually) go back home and do the kinging thing. Rauth meets Corrie and they end up in something resembling a relationship, though it has a rocky start due to a)over protective cousins b)Rauth confusing the fuck out of Corrie c)Rauth being Rauth. Corrie at one point makes Rauth promise to tell her when he has to leave. (Because this is a thing that's going to happen because Rauth is a General, though semi-retired at this point.)

Rauth breaks the promise due to a)a rebellion b)Stone needing to go back to Faerie asap.

This is not a good thing, though Corrie does not actually know how much of bad thing it is due to the aforementioned lack of knowledge of Faerie or tinks. All Corrie knows is that she is very, very pissed off and intends to give Rauth a piece of her mind. So she ends up in Faerie.

Now, Faerie is a very fragile, very suggestible reality. If you have a strong enough will/reality you can make all kinds of things happens and...Humans have a lot to throw around if they don't get killed first and Corrie has a lot to throw around PLUS having a Grievance against a sidhe due to a Broken Promise. So Corrie has Vast Cosmic Powers and doesn't realize it.

She manages to find Rauth and stop the battle he's in the middle of cold!

She gives Rauth the asschewing of several lifetimes!

She has no fucking clue as to why Rauth has just handed her his sword.

Rauth asks someone to explain what's supposed to happen next to Corrie. Corrie is told "his life is your's."

Corrie, in complete confusion says she doesn't want it, and nearly obliterates her boyfriend until she (accidentally) amends by saying she doesn't want to kill him.

This means that Corrie is now the proud owner of one slightly dented sidhe general, though it takes her a while and some explanation before she gets it. She's horrified when it's explained to her, as you are when you find out you're suddenly a slave owner, and Rauth's entire command kind of wants to kill her a little bit. Eventually they manage to work this out, which is a good thing for everyone concerned.

Even though there aren't any similarities at all, this story arc (as well as a few others) are why I ended up writing contra legem. Dave is nothing like Rauth and Terezi is absolutely nothing like Corrie, but I wanted to play with a power dynamic where there's a relationship but it's also unequal because of some level of ownership will-crossing is in play. (I am trying to figure now if Dave's particular combo of blonde and batshit would make him being from Alfheim now.)

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A Small Disaster...

So I got a Very Official Document Thing from a debt collector, this would be for on of my credit cards. I got it yesterday, and left them a message of the "hey great, you got a hold of me, I had no idea who to call!" variety. Hopefully they will understand that I can't actually pay yet. They have not called me back.

I haven't gotten the paperwork for the school loans. (I am in their "doesn't make enough money to actually pay us program." And I need to renew it.)

I am still worried about getting the lease renewed. The person at the manager's office did however get the paperwork from my housing specialist.

Work is going okay, though the very last of the Christmas stuff is out on the floor. I am not sure what they're going to be having me do next, if anything. (I will be very unhappy if they let me go early. On the other hand I would be pretty happy if they decided to keep me.) I am slightly disappointed I haven't learned to the hand computers/scanners or do stuff like make tickets.

In other news, I am planning on cleaning my apartment again.

I am currently just outside the apartment complex office because they've gone to lunch. They were apparently not able to take lunch around twelve, which is the usual time. I deliberately came around one because I did not want to have to leave the office because of lunchtime. Sigh. (I only have about an hour of power on the laptap. I only ever have an hour of power on the lap top. I do not seem to have a very long lasting battery.)

Tomorrow is my birthday. I have no idea if I'm going to do anything.

Concerning the debt/lease renewal thing: This is another case where I realize that my meds actually work. Since there was no instant magical change in how I felt, I really have no way of knowing that they work except in those cases where I go..."Hey, you know what, if something like this happened before meds, you would be pitching five kinds of a fit right now!" That's not to say I'm not anxious, which I am, but what I am not doing is having a meltdown. Which was kind of a thing in the past. (My blog is full of my past anxiety induced meltdowns.)

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I Survived Black Friday!

Black Friday was not actually as bad as I was led to believe. (The store is very quiet.) I put stuff out on the floor, then put more stuff out on the floor. Then on Sunday, I put out ads. (I also mildly got in trouble because I had left without handing off my tickets to someone/telling a manager the previous week. Which I had not been told I needed to do. I thought leaving it on the cart of the person who seemed to be in charge of that was enough, but apparently not.)

I got my new schedule on Thursday, and followed it. Unfortunately somewhere between Thursday and Monday, the schedule had changed without warning and I ended up working on a day I was supposed to have off. I am extremely displeased about this. (And I'm worried this is some elaborate way of finding an excuse to get rid of me. Because I am anxious and paranoid like that. OtherCat; you're in a right to be fired state, they don't need an excuse to get rid of you aside from your occasional total brainfarts and general state of anxiety.)

So Monday I put out more stuff, and then went in back and unboxed even more stuff. (Where I found more stuff still.) I am supposedly off tomorrow since I worked yesterday, but the schedule has not changed. (I am really, really annoyed about not being warned about the schedule change. On the other hand, the manager/supervisors appear to be nice, easy going people, so.)

I do actually like working here, I like the hours, and I kind of hope they keep me.

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The dream I had involved some kind of prison break in a far future setting. A small group infiltrated the prison and then started freeing prisoners mostly without being caught by the guards who were not very aware of what was going on. The small group in turn was not very equipped to pull of a prison break and there was a lot of fumbling for keys and devices and actually finding the people the group was trying to free. I am not sure if the prison break was being done by political activists or by a criminal organization.

There were some Homestuck references in that there were Homestuck-style trolls and a discussion of quadrants. There was also a point where the small group almost got caught, but nothing bad happened.

Then there was a very detailed world building plus images involving essentially immortal space station/space ship construction workers/builders who were able to go out in space without a space suit. I have not the faintest clue of why the pov character was giving me all of this information, because it didn't have a lot to do with the prison break plot.

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OtherCat No Can Budget

On the other hand I can guarantee I absolutely needed most of the things that I bought, since they were mostly clothes for work, shoes, over the counter meds and cleaning supplies. I just also got fast food one time too many. *facepalm* I would not be nearly as worried about the Great Splurge of '16 if it weren't for the part where I have several days where work lets out at 10pm, 12am and 11pm, which is past the time the buses are running to where I need to go. Which means I will need to take a taxi. Which means I may not have enough money to afford the actual taxi.

None of my friends/acquaintances in Arizona live close enough to give me a ride. This makes me very sad. But not as sad as my complete inability to budget once I got more than a trickle of cash. (It was mostly the money from the Customer Service Thing.)

I have not gotten a paycheck yet from Stock Room Job. I am pretty sure I should have gotten one by now. I am not sure what the problem might be. I've sent a message to the HR person and also to my bank about not getting the deposit.

On the other hand, I am getting more hours!

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Work and Other Updates

I am not getting a lot of hours, but the work is pretty easy, since it involves getting items out on the floor, checking and replacing sales tickets, and directing customers to items. (The last would be super easy, if I knew where anything was; I am still figuring out the sales floor layout.)

Getting to work has also been easy.

I am slightly annoyed with a coworker. A manager told me that books shelves were available in the ready to assemble section of the store and I should ask the girls in mattress for assistance. I went to someone in mattress about bookshelves but was told they were only available online. I was also told to go to another store. Another store that was not as you might expect another location, but a completely different store, that specialized in furniture. (When I get the chance I'm checking out the ready to assemble section. If I find books shelves I am going to be pissed.)

I am trying to figure out the store kiosk/the associate/hr pages. They are not very user friendly. (Oddly enough when I check out the site from my computer, it's much easier, I have no idea why.)

There is only one person on the floor who has the little scanner computer. I want a little scanner computer. It is hard to verify a sku number when the damn number is on the bottom of a ticket that is above your head.

So far everyone has been really friendly, and the store has not been super busy. It will probably get more busy, and I will probably get more hours by Black Friday.

I was able to get knishes. Knishes are awesome.

I was able to Clean the Damn Apartment. I did a slight floor move in the bedroom, which created some space. There are still some things I still need to throw out, and stuff I want to spot clean, but everything looks much nicer than it had. (I am still slightly worried about being able to remain here, though much less than I had been.)

I need new kitchen stuff, and a new dish drainer. These can possibly wait. I also need to do grocery shopping and hopefully schedule an appointment with therapist.

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A Few Updates...

The complex is not accepting NEW vouchers, but people living here because of a previous voucher will be grandfathered in, unless there is some other problem. I already learned that I can get liability insurance instead of renter's insurance because liability is included in the rent. If I do need renter's insurance after all, there is apparently an online insurance that's only about five dollars a month.

I am slightly less panicked about the housing situation but I Really Need to Clean the Damn Apartment.

I need to:

Call the school loan company and ask them to send me the paperwork for limited/no income situations, if they haven't sent it already.

Figure out if I can afford bookshelves/get help taking them home/assembling them. (finally!)

Go grocery shopping.

Find out if I get an employee discount.

Eat a food

Try not to freak out because of Real Life.

Figure out what I'm going to write when and if I set up the Patreon.

Work on fan fic

Read fan fic

Listen to Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap.

But mostly, Clean the Damn Apartment.

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Okay, so the first dream involved a space ship that averts it's own disaster due to time shenanigans, and a colony meant to help save a ruined Earth. It was very Andre Norton The Stars Are Ours kind of thing, mixed with weird ass Heinlein time shenanigans/alternate history stuff. Buffyverse things might have also been involved. I don't know, the details for this dream faded pretty quickly.

The second dream I am just going to blame @mortior and possibly Nina Kiriki Hoffman on. The second dream involves an AI of some kind. In it's first form it's like a kind of disc that hid itself in a phone. I was both the observer and partly the protagonist so I knew what what going to happen when the protagonist picked up the phone: the AI immediately started taking over the protagonist's body.

The protagonist and the AI fight over control of the body, a fight hindered largely by the AI who possibly more frightened and confused than the protagonist. The protagonist wanders between suicidal ideation and trying to calm the AI down, while the AI is slowly engulfing the protagonists body with threads intended to control the protagonist's body.

The back story is that the protagonist is home alone due to their family having gone on vacaction. The protagonist was going to be house-watching and also dating their boyfriend. Sadly the boyfriend broke things off with the protagonist because of leaving for opportunities elsewhere that would also involve him being with another person he was also attracted to.

The protagonist and the AI pretty much wreck the house during their struggle, and the protagonist's suicidal ideation almost becomes actual suicide attempt a couple times. Eventually something causes the protagonist to black out. When the protagonist wakes up, they find that the AI has made itself a body, partly using the protagonists. The protagonist at first thinks the AI is going to kill them and
impersonate them, but it turns out that the AI mostly wants to snuggle and make more of itself by infecting others. The protagonist finds that they have also become partly AI, and the AI and the protagonist go on to infect most of the family, and for some reason, also infect and/or adopt an improbable number of puppies.

I woke up feeling weirdly comforted by the dream, and kind of missing the AI. Why, I don't know.

There was also a dream involving ancient cultures and a lesbian romance between two princesses that involved a great deal of drama because the girls' parents did not approve.

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fic: two for mirth 24/?

Karkat and Dave arrive at the door to Feferi’s royal suite, and are ushered in by a cobalt butler. “Her Majesty is in the parlor with the other guests,” the cobalt says.

“Other guests?” Karkat asks.

“Takashi Shirogane, the Ambassador of the United Planets of Terra, and Lady Pyrope the Imperial Legislacerator,” the cobalt says.

“Just an informal get together,” Karkat says.

“Indeed, sir,” the cobalt says, and shows them into the parlor. It’s an oblong block with silver on gray painted walls, stained glass lamps, black and silver furniture, intricately patterned rugs on the deck. The human ambassador and Terezi are sitting on opposite ends of  a couch, while Feferi sits in a throne-like padded armchair.  

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First Day! And Housing Problems...

First Day was yesterday and proceeded with only mild confusion, and was mostly spent putting tickets on things. I also had some adventures figuring out the time clock and the site for looking at your schedules and so on. I attempted to get the 18th off so I can do my housing inspection.

The next day I work will be Saturday.

Concerning the housing situation, I may need to get renter's insurance, though I might be able to have liability insurance, in which case I wouldn't need renter's insurance. (Liability insurance would be included in the total, and it would be paid by the voucher. Hopefully. Renter's insurance would be separate from the total, and need to be paid separately.)I still haven't found out if the complex is still taking vouchers.

The lease is up December 31st. I am kind of anxious about this.

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